Protect Your Home and Business with Fire Alarms

Protect Your Home and Business with Fire Alarms

Fire safety is a paramount of any property. Having a reliable alarm system is the first line of defense against devastating fires. Get the fire alarms that suit your needs from a comprehensive range of selection. Lockshield offers you the security of your properties. Not all fire safety systems work the same and it’s not a one fit for all. There are fire alarms such as addressable fire alarm, smoke detectors and sounders to choose from the catalogue. Before selecting, know about different alarm systems, their functionalities and where to install them for optimal protection. 

Understanding Fire Alarms 

Fire alarms come in two main categories and they are conventional and addressable. Each offers distinct advantages and performance depending on the complexity of your space.

Smoke Detectors: These are the most common type of fire safety alarms and they are a cost effective option. It has  sensors to detect smoke particles in the air. The detection will trigger a loud alarm when smoke is present. They are ideal for residential buildings, apartments, and smaller offices.

Where to Install Smoke Detectors

Every Floor: Install at least one smoke detector on each level of your home or building.

Sleeping Areas: Place detectors outside each bedroom and sleeping area, where occupants might be unaware of a fire.

High Risk Areas: Consider additional detectors near potential fire sources like kitchens and laundry rooms.

Hallways: Install detectors in hallways leading to exits to ensure a clear escape path.

Where to Install Conventional Sounders

Strategically place sounders in hallways, common areas, near sleeping areas, and close to exits. The conventional sounder works alongside the fire or smoke detectors to function simultaneously. This is to ensure everyone hears the alarm clearly. 

Advanced Protection with Addressable Fire Alarms

For larger and more complex buildings like commercial spaces, hospitals, and schools, addressable fire alarms are preferred to use.

  • Zoned Detection: Addressable systems help to know the exact location of the fire. This allows faster and more targeted responses.
  • Customization: These systems can be programmed for specific actions depending on the triggered zone.
  • Reduced False Alarms: the addressable fire alarm systems can differentiate between smoke and other harmless airborne particles. This will help to minimize false alarms that can be generated.

Where to Install Addressable Fire Alarms Systems

  • High Risk Areas: Install these fire alarm systems in areas like boiler rooms, electrical panels, and server rooms where early fire detection is crucial.
  • Open Areas: The detectors can cover large open spaces like offices and classrooms.
  • Escape Routes:  Evacuation is the crucial thing when considering a threat. Ensure detectors are placed strategically throughout escape routes and stairwells to guide safe evacuation.

Things to Remember 

Fire Safety Regulations: Always comply with local fire safety regulations. This includes the type and number of fire alarms required for your specific property.

Professional Consultation: For much more complex fire safety needs, consider consulting a qualified fire safety professional at Lockshield to assess your building. We will recommend the most suitable fire alarm system for your needs.

Invest in Safety with Lockshield

Safety should be the priority. Purchase high quality, industry standard fire alarms. Choose from conventional smoke detectors with sounders, and addressable fire alarm systems. Browse our extensive selection online or contact our safety specialists for personalized recommendations.